Nest 5

From time to time there are some kittens born in our cattery. We are searching for new homes for the kittens. The kittens are born in the living room and will stay there until the 13th week when they may go to there new homes. They are very socialized and will hear noises like : visitors, vacuum cleaner, children, ect.

Bella Nina
Seal Bicolour
Al Pacino
Seal Mitted

Bella Nina visited Al Pacino and the kitters were born on 12 october 2009!
They are 2 Seal bicolor female, 1 Seal mitted female, 1 Seal point female, 1 Seal mitted male, 1 Blue point male.

Deejay lives with Angelo and Emma.

Sir Winston lives with Ronald and Claudia.

Bella lives with Carla.

Zwiffer lives with Thea and Ronald.

Molly lives with Carla.

Kiki lives with Anita.