My name is Bianca Toonen and I'm living together with my husband Edwin van Ewijk. We have two daughters Priscilla en Larissa van Ewijk and we live in Rijswijk (ZH) in the Netherlands.

In November and December 2005 we bought our first two seal bicoulor Ragdolls male. Binkey and Gizmo. They are now neutered.

It was love at first sight when we did see the Ragdoll. A half year later we bought a lady Daisy and we want to breed with her. Daisy is a blue tabby.

The Ragdolls are living with the house cat Spooky.

Our cattery is a member of the Dutch pedigree union N.R.K.V.. Our cattery follows the rules and guidelines that are drafted by this club. Our Ragdolls are tested for HCM and PKD.